About us



Specializing in the production of high-precision silicone rubber products for foreign-invested enterprises

More than 25 years experience in development, production and manufacturing

The company has 5,000 sqm independent industrial building

The company has an excellent development and management team, including 12 employees with above 10 years industrial experience

Devoted to ODM/OEM custom made service of silicone rubber parts

Specialized in  various difficult problems in silicone rubber product concerned by customers


There are many problems in rubber product, commonp roblems include:
Tightness  water proofness  aging resistance  high/low temperature resistance  blanch  damage  crack  wear resistance  environmental protection  chemical resistance

ISO.9001:2015 International Quality System Certification

IATF 16949 Qualification

     Acceptance rate of product shipment is 100%
    Class A auto part supplier in 25 consecutive years
    Dongguan INOAC Hardware is our long term strategic partner
    Our company is the No. 1 of INOAC QCC; Dongguan YOKOWO Auto Electronics,
    Sumitomo Electric Fitting, Shenzhen Telefree, Japanese Brother, Shenzhen Steed, etc, all are our class A clients.
    Our products are used in major auto brands at home and abroad such as Honda, Toyota, Nissam, BYD, Zhongtai, etc.


Annual output of auto rubber parts is 100,000 sets

Operation revenue keeps above 30% compound increase in 3 consecutive years

We have advanced production equipment including 23 precision molding machines, 4 precision secondary valcanizers, 3 precision grinders, etc., meanwhile, we configure enough later process processing production personnel with above 5 year experience

100% meet requirement of customers for delivery

Our products are widely used in such fields as every major brand of automobile, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, office equipment and home electric appliance, etc.

Our transaction mode is flexible, can adopt VAT clearance, can also incoming plus offshore settlement through Hongkong company.

Our vision is to make our employee’s life better. The company adheres to the value idea of people oriented, quality first, affecting customer, continuous innovation; upholds the work spirit of pulling together, suiting the action to the word, sparing no efforts, trying our best; persists in craftsman spirit of continuous improvement, bold innovation; Pursues IATF 16949sunshine procurement policy; some executives of the company acted as intermediate and senior management in Foxconn for above 10 years, some acts as vice director of Nanchang Chamber of  Commerce in Shenzhen, they often organize volunteer activities, with employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction as guidance to work.

Strength of the factory

Factory strength

  • Optical Screening Ins

  • 300T rubber injection

  • Check the workshop

  • Injection molding wor

  • Molding workshop

  • GB/T19001-2016/ISO 90

  • IATF 16949:2016 Man

  • Vice direct of chambe

  • Management system cer

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Advanced collective

  • Advanced unit

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