How did Yongyong Silicon Rubber fulfil from demand proposed

How to provide the customer with qualified sample as soon as possible? For non-standard custom made rubber product, it is always a very confusing problem! But a rubber product from the customer proposing demand, to material, mold making, making sample, passing inspection only spends 3 days, do you believe it? Yongyong Silicon Rubber is just scu a company, how does it achieve it?

At am 10 December 31, 2016, Yongyong Silicon Rubber received a phone from a customer, requiring to urgently produce 20 samples of Chongqing Lifan automobile antenna rubber casing, but at that time the drawing design of the customer was in conception. Upon receiving the phone from the customer, the engineering department immediately made a review along with the mold engineer at first time, and after receiving the drawing of rubber seal components from the customer at am 12:00, immediately confirmed and reviewed the drawing file, modifying unreasonable structure. Modified material was fed back to the customer for approval at 13:30.  Starting from 14:00, mold design, programming (meanwhile template is in preparation) was begun. At 18:30 computer operation for CNC machining began. CNC machine tool continuously machined round the clock, in the morning January 3 the mold is assembled for factory inspection (the factory manager followed up personally in whole process). at 14:00, pre-production material production condition index test is OK, at 14:30 the forming section put the mold on desk for heating, at 16:00 finished product sample was produced. At 16:30 the customer came to the company for appearance approval, site assembly, site test were conducted. After assembling, appearance and function were confirmed qualified by the customer. Meanwhile the customer required material hardness change (changing from 50 degrees to 60 degrees), refining department was organized immediately for compounding of 60 degree material. At 18:30 production of 60 degree product began (visual inspection was conducted simultaneously), at 20:28, 20 samples of auto antenna rubber casing was shipped to Chongqing Lifan on time.
Yongyong Silicon Rubber Product Co., Ltd realized quick response from mold development, desing to product sample making, samples being delivered on schedule, highly spoken of by the customer. This success cannot leave effective communication and full operation of every department, Yongyong Silicon Rubber Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with turnkey solution from mold development, material selection to production
Dongguan Chang’an Yongyong Silicon Rubber Product Co., Ltd is a private enterprise specialized in production of high precision silicon rubber product. We master many key material technologies, accumulating more than 20 years mold production and product manufacturing experience in silicon rubber, rubber product field, especially in automobile field, receiving deep reliance and praise from customers. Gongguan YOTOWO Auto Electronics, Dongguan INOAC Hardware, Sumitomo Electric Fitting, Shenzhen TeleFree Co., Shenzhen Steed, etc, all are our direct customers. hotline
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