Successful case of auto condensator fluorine rubber seal cus

Auto rubber is always one of core products of Yongyong Silicon Rubber in 23 years, we are committed to providing customers with quality service and satisfying product, our custom making of auto condensator fluorine rubber seal ring for a Guangzhou auto parts customer is one classic cases
February 10, 2017 our customer service Liu received a consultative phone from Guangzhou who wants to find a producer able to make rubber seal ring inside auto condensator. As a auto rubber part producer with 23 years history, we have no any problem in terms of either technology or quality, service, so we reached primary intention of cooperation very soon, the customer express delivering initial sample to us the same day.
Upon receiving sample the engineering department made an assessment immediately, first determining that the product adopts special fluorine rubber material according to operating environment of the product and requirement of the customer, with product meeting requirement of the customer for high temperature resistance, oil resistance. The product adopts compression to injection process. The next day Mr. Liu of our company and the leader of engineering department drove more than 100 km to the customer company, making a face to face deep discussion. Meanwhile our solution was presented and highly recognized by the customer. Both side are very satisfied with this meeting, through this conversation the customer know our company more and see our good faith, both sides reaching an official cooperation intention the same day. Thank the customer very much for trusting us.
At the period of time next, in order to deliver the product to the customer as soon as possible, we conquered various difficulties. First, because there is only an initial sample without official product drawing, producing product needs to have the mold, to have the mold need product drawing, so determining 3D drawing of the product becomes very important. So we found a professional reverse engineering company to determine product 3D, but as known to everyone, unlike plastic cement or metal product, rubber product has a soft shape unable to be fixed, so reverse engineering could not be conducted. We also communicated with the customer to find the base for assembling the product. Then we fixed the sample to the base and specially made a 1:1 assembly fixture to ensure meeting customer requirement. Though we had done many work, the final sample could not be assembled locally due to reverse engineering error. During the period after modifying data twice we made proper product finally. Mr. Wang of our company sent the sample to the customer personally the same day. The customer is very satisfied when receiving the sample, and the final sample has better quality than the sample supplied by the customer.

Success of this auto condensator rubber seal ring project could not be achieved without the customer’s trust to us and insistent efforts of colleagues of our engineering department. Yongyong Silicon Rubber will jointly create excellent performance with customers.
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