Auto antenna rubber gland mold improvement plan of Shenzhen

Shenzhen TeleFree Auto Product Co., Ltd is both our client and our important strategic partner. It is our purpose to provide customer with quality service and satisfying product, the project related to auto antenna rubber gland mold improvement conducted by the company for TeleFree is one of our very successful cases.
It is remembered that during initial period of our cooperation, one set of auto antenna rubber gland mold of the customer just began to be shifted to our company for OEM production, upon seeing the mold, not mentioning that the upper, lower safety bar of the mold are welded later, even the ejection mechanism is also assembled by simply welding several blank flats plus several steel bars together. As shown in Fig. 1! This make our workshop director can’t help who is used to our high precision mold, but in order for delivery on time we had to produce it reluctantly. As expected because the mold ejection mechanism is made by later simply welding, very unstable, and easily unbalanced left and right during ejection, before long the mold core had serious crack during high pressure mold opening and closing as shown in Fig. 2. According to previous convention we only needs to transfer the mold to the customer, but in order to provide the customer with our the best service and meet customer requirement, we modified the customer at our own expense, specially custom making a set of ejection mechanism for the mold, as shown in Fig. 3. improved mold reduces mold failure rate dramatically, without similar fault occurring in more than 1 year, winning full appreciation of the customer.

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