Successful case of Dongguan Huaxing Hengtai “rubber valve d

Yongyong Silicon Rubber focuses on silicon rubber product for23 years, customers served by us include renowned brands at home and abroad such as Honda, Toyota, Nissam, BYD, etc., highly spoken of and recognized by customers. Our purpose is to provide customers with expert consultative service, practically resolving problems for customers. The following is one of classic cases our providing turnkey solution for the customer Dongguan Chengwei Electromechanical.

June 21, 2017, Dongguan Chengwei Electromechanical has a model of rubber seal product used in small sized pump, which has high precision requirement, they had asked many factories but all them could not meet customer requirement. In the try-and-see attitude they find us through internet. Upon receiving the product drawing of the customer, the engineering department made an analysis and judgement immediately. By combining years of experience in production, we proposed our scheme. Because it is the first cooperation, the customer doubted if we can meet the requirement of the scheme. We understand that in the perspective of the customer, after all it is our first cooperation. We specially found the mold produced by us before which is similar to the product of the drawing supplied by the customer, making several samples for the customer for free and providing related examination report. When we showed them the samples and report, they looked at us with new eyes immediately, and highly approved our work, thus opening the prelude of cooperation of both sides.

Next both sides agreed that we make a sample mold for Huaxing Hengtai first, further cooperation between both sides will depend on the condition of sampling. To meet requirements of the customer for physical properties of the product, we specially developed a model of rubber material and conducted FDA certification through third party qualified professional examination company. The sample mold was made a week later,  the sampling work was instructed personally by Mr Wang of our company. Through common efforts by everyone our first batch of samples were made eventually at am 11. Mold making is just the first step for us, next we would ensure to meet customer requirement through related examination. 2 days later through our strict examination, our dimensional tolerance reaches within ±0.03, totally meeting drawing requirement of the customer. Thus we completely succeeded in the rubber valve disc of Huaxing Hengtai!

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