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It has been 40 years of reform and opening up, and now you can see foreign brands everywhere.
Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Nike, Hummer, KFC, Coca-Cola, Crest, Head & Shoulders, etc.
It can be found that the "introduced" foreign-funded enterprises are already full of all aspects of our lives.But foreign countries rarely see Chinese brands.
The most successful internationalization and Huawei with core competitiveness,It may be the only company worthy of praise among many national brands.
Specific to the industry of silicone rubber products, which one has achieved globalization?
After 26 years of Chongyong , although he thrives, he does not dare to slack off.
At present, the domestic market is becoming saturated and human resources are rising.
Enterprises must consider new development space,The internationalization of "going out" has become an inevitable choice.

After investigation and research, combined with the situation at home and abroad,
The leadership finally decided to open a branch in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for the following reasons:
1. Our cooperative customers, such as Inoue and Youhua also have branches in Vietnam.
This will be very convenient for future cooperation.
2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is relatively economically developed.
It is also a hot spot for investment by many foreign investors, and there must be many trade opportunities.
It is also convenient to provide localized products and services to Vietnamese customers.
3. After entering the Vietnamese market, it will face a bigger market - the ASEAN market!
Moreover, ASEAN countries implement tax reductions, and the reduction of tariffs naturally reduces the operating costs of enterprises.
4, Vietnam's processing and production technology is relatively backward, the mold equipment is outdated, the detection accuracy is not enough, resulting in low quality local products,
And our company will bring advanced equipment and production experience, which will definitely improve the competitiveness of silicone rubber products.
5. Vietnam’s natural rubber production ranks third in the world.
Local production of raw materials, local delivery, will save a lot of intermediate costs
Chongyong Silicone Rubber specializes in silicone rubber products for 25 years, providing comprehensive solutions from material research and development, mold development, to silicone rubber product manufacturing. Welcome to visit our factory.

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