The strongest quarantine war-- The landlord directly deducts

At present, the new coronavirus epidemic is raging around the world and continues to spread across the world, as if the entire earth is enveloped in pneumonia. Not only has it severely affected our work, study and life, but it has also been a serious blow to the newly recovering global economy. According to the analysis of many senior domestic and foreign media reports, from the current development of global stock markets, foreign exchange markets and other financial markets, economists predict that if the current epidemic continues to develop, the possibility of economic and financial crisis will not be ruled out.
Attachment: Global outbreak figures released by Xinhua News Agency at 12:00 on March 10, 2020
Yongyong Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and has more than 100 workers in Chinese factories. It has a history of more than 30 years. It mainly provides overall solutions from material research and development, mold development and manufacturing of silicone rubber products, and is the terminator of problems such as whitening, aging, and burrs of silicone rubber products. In the face of the epidemic, on the one hand, we all responded positively to the unified deployment of the country, strictly guarded against death, and fought a perfect battle against epidemic prevention to keep it from happening. On the other hand, under the guidance and supervision of government leaders at all levels, preparations for resumption of work should be made in advance. In the end, with the support of the Dongguan Changan Town Government and the Dongguan Shatian Town Government at all levels of leadership, Yongyong completed the resumption approval and was the first group of enterprises to complete the resumption of work. Here, all the employees of Yongyong Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd. express their sincere gratitude and sincere admiration for the working attitude of government staff at all levels for the fight against the epidemic.
After the continuous development of the company, we established Vietnam Yongyong Silicone Rubber in July 2019. As the epidemic situation has also reached Vietnam, Vietnamese governments are  prepared to meet the challenge, and hesitate to control the flow of people and logistics at the cost of lost GDP growth. It can be described as a closed country, and the company's development has been seriously affected. One side is in trouble and the other side is supportive. Our landlord brother of our Vietnamese company realized our difficulties. In order to show our love for us, we directly reduced and exempted 10 million dong (compared to 3,000 yuan). The epidemic is ruthless, and the people are affectionate. The love of the Vietnamese landlord brother made us feel as warm as home.
Nowadays, the new coronavirus has not only become a disease devil but also our heart devil. In fact, it is not terrible, as long as it is not in contact with it or take precautions, it can be completely avoided. So Yongyong silicone rubber reminds you that on the one hand, we must have a good mentality, on the other hand, it is recommended to do the following: less participate in parties or go to crowded places, reduce the chance of contact or exposure; do a good job Personal hygiene protection to reduce the chance of infection, such as maintaining hand hygiene: wash your hands with running water, or use hands-free hand sanitizer containing alcohol to disinfect your hands; keep the indoor air flowing, and try to avoid contact with any symptoms of respiratory diseases like coughing and sneezing Close contact with people; wear masks in public places and crowded places; use tissues or elbows to cover mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing; wear appropriate masks when visiting a hospital or accompanying a doctor; The raw meat and eggs should be cooked thoroughly before consumption; avoid contact with wild or farmed animals without protection, etc., to achieve these precautions, I believe the virus can definitely stay away from us.

It is gratifying that at present, it has been basically controlled in China. However, whether at home or abroad, I believe that all of us will work together to achieve the goal, go all out, and overcome the difficulties, we will surely win the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Warm because of you, fragrant because of your world.

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